Monday, September 27, 2010

The leaves are changing!!!

This post is going to be in honor of fall. I love love love this weather! It has been around 65-70 degrees here and it feels sooooo good!! We went as far yesterday to leave our back door open all night. Just love! 

Here's a few things that reminded me of fall...

Fall Leaves
My roommate and I drove to Little Rock and we could see the leaves starting to change on our way there. 
This is from a blog I found and I just love how "fall-ish" she made this!

And of course... COFFEE!! I had mine outside this morning. (I know I'm an old person...) 

Well enough of that I did have a weekend project that I was working on, but I got a little sidetracked when football came on. =) 
Here's the blog that gave me the idea


Very very cute idea!! She made it from a cabinet door!
S0, My roommate and I ran to get a cabinet door and I am almost finished with it. Hopefully this week

Also, I love this art that I found on Etsy. 
Graceful Sentinel at Dusk..ABSTRACT MODERN Art by HD GREER Print..8 by 8 inches

Have a very wonderful Monday!!! Enjoy a good ol' cup a joe outside!

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