Monday, January 16, 2012


 I am a total sucker for a good, cute, CHEAP
pair of boots. SO, yesterday I splurged...T.J.Maxx is a bad bad influence on my shopping addiction. I mean I found some very cute boots for $25.00. Tell me you would have passed that up and I might feel a little bad that I went ahead and got them. You see...this will be about my 10th pair of boots to add to my collection. What can I say...I"M A SuCKER for a good pair of boots! Anyways....

Since it is a new year, of course I have many different resolutions in which I plan and hope I wll keep up with this year. One of my resolutions is to read the Bible through. Today, I had to play a little catch up. I read Genesis 27-33. It was almost like reading a little Biblical soap opera book. If you haven't you should check it out. As well as reading the Bible, my little lawyer friend gave me a a little devo. book which really leaves a person to thinking. The most recent devo put this world into a perspective in which all of us and myself should think about more often. What if a group of people, things, or aliens from another planet came to Earth to look for God because they heard we were made in His image. What would they find?....
Sadly, this is the perspective which would probably be seen. A drunk passed out under a freeway, drug dealers looking for their next fix, and then a restaurant full of people who do not smile or even act humane.
Makes you think and check yourself, right?
Let me leave you with this then.
Matthew 5

Well I'm off to workout....another new resolution for this year. =p
I'm feeling some intense yoga.

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