Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So instead of finals... let's be creative!

This weekend was the first weekend in forever that I really didn't have something to do... so in honor of Mother's day coming up I made a frame for my mom. I wasn't sure how it would turn out so... I went to Hobby Lobby and just started picking up random things that I thought would look very cute on a frame. Let me just start by saying... going to Hobby Lobby is dangerous... especially without a game plan. =)

The few things I picked up where scrapbook paper, wooden frames (which are only about $3), a jewelry piece,, wooden letterings and ribbon.

My inspiration cam from the classic faded blue print.

I wanted to give the picture frame a homie, vintage, down to earth feel.

It is a pretty easy and fun project. I just used sandpaper to sand the edges of the frame and the paper to give it an old feel. Thanks to my friend Maggie we sponged the letters with a gold/bronze color to match the accent. =)

For a semi broke college student; I think this came out perfect!
Wooden frame: $3.00
Scrapbook paper:$1.00
Jewelry accent: $4.00
Wooden letters:$3.00

Total = $11.00 ( with plenty of left overs to make another frame)

So what we learned here: Hobby Lobby inspires some great ideas, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a cute frame, and well creativity doesn't have to be expensive...


  1. ooh I love it lady! Gotta get started on my mother's day gift- ack!

  2. Aww love how it turned out! :)