Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rosie the Riveter

During WWII the term Rosie the Riveter was coined. What a great symbol for the working woman; even today. I was inspired by a magazine article on different women throughout history that made a stand for something they wanted and believed in. In the case of so many " Rosies" during WWII when they had to....

I used a type of newspaper and charcoal. I have to say that charcoal is my favorite medium! You can erase and redo as often as you like {as long as the paper holds out =0) }.

I wanted her to have a depth to her eyes with a harsh but soft side to show her feminine side also.
I still felt like something was missing so...

I added a little color. In my option, it made the picture pop more. I used a yellow pastel and smeared it. I wanted a soft yellow, so the background wouldn't over power the actual picture.
Although school is out for the summer... or at least for a couple of weeks for me. Here's a history lesson on icons in America.

Fun facts about Rosie:
1. It first showed up in 1942.
2. It was first used in a song by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb.
3.This American icon inspired 20 million women to work even after WWII.
4. These women worked in the industrial factories. Some helped make the B-29s and B-24 bombers for the Air Force.
5.Shirley Karp Dick was the original model for Rosie the Riveter.

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