Monday, May 24, 2010

This one's for the roomies

  So the end of school was a couple of weeks ago. Although it seems like it was just a week ago...I made an end of the year present to my wonderful roommates. We have a lot of fun taking random pictures through out the year and what a better time to use them than with an end of the year present!
 I decorated all of the picture frames(which were from the dollar store). 

I used some acrylic paint, (from Hobby Lobby) I used some peel and stick designs and letters, then I used sandpaper on the paint. 

Then I picked out some scrapbook paper...(of course from Hobby Lobby...where else!!!!)
And added some pictures from through out the year...

Plus I forgot to mention the glitter...
I loved these fun frames for my roomies! 

I have to add a cute picture from this past weekend. We went to listen to a BoomKinetic. 
 Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your summer day was as lazyily wonderful as mine!

 For all of my bloggin buddies; you should check out graphicsfairy! There are some really great backgrounds and some other fun stuff!

Also. My very good friend Kelsey from Tattered & Inked gave me an award!! 

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